Contract Manufacturing

By way of contrast with large manufacturing companies, GD Pharma has been established to cater to the needs of those seeking small to medium batch contract manufacturing. GD is flexible and responsive to those needs.

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Clinical Trials

GD Pharma offers a source of manufacture for university researchers through to companies on the brink of product commercialisation. 

Product Development

GD Pharma offers to it’s clients and sponsors a product development consultancy service.

GD Pharma has significant  in-house technical and pharmaceutical expertise which can be brought to bear on existing products, start-up products and drug delivery methodology.

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Ideal For Small & Medium Batches

GD Pharma is an Australian, proprietary limited company with modern pharmaceutical facilities, specialising in contract manufacturing of sterile and non-sterile liquids from formulation to commercial release.

GD Pharma has cGMP accreditation through the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration [TGA]. The company is dedicated to excellence in manufacture and is compliant with the world standards required of a cGMP manufacturer.

Interestingly GD Pharma is one of the only TGA, cGMP accredited sites in South Australia licensed to manufacture sterile liquids.

As a smaller manufacturer, GD Pharma is ideally positioned to produce smaller product batches during the proving-up period of a new product. GD Pharma is able to manufacture sterile and non-sterile products from inception (Phase1) through to pre-commercialisation (Phase3).

GD Pharma has developed a culture that embraces flexibility, pro-activity and cooperation. We work together with our clients and sponsors to achieve our common goal.